A predicate noun, or predicate nominative, is a noun or noun phrase that renames or provides more information about the subject of the sentence. It follows a linking verb (such as “am,” “are” or “is”) or an action verb (such as “smell” or “taste”).


The subject and the predicate noun are joined by a linking verb such as am, is, are, was, were, be, being, been, become, or seem. We remember that a linking 

3, 4 , pw takes a second place in ex 3 : it stands between the adjective and its noun and ex. 4 it precedes the genitival adj. n. ‘For example, a descriptive word before a noun is an adjective; if it follows the noun it becomes a predicate.’ 1.1 Logic Something that is affirmed or denied concerning an argument of a proposition. predicate verb [T] (STATE) to state that something is true: [ + that clause ] One cannot predicate that the disease is caused by a virus on the basis of current evidence. A predicate nominative or predicate noun completes a linking verb and renames the subject. It is a complement or completer because it completes the verb.

Predicate noun

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What does PN stand for? PN abbreviation stands for Predicate Noun. A predicate nominative is a noun that completes a linking verb and renames the subject. The root of the term, nominative, means name. Therefore, the predicate nominate renames the subject.

2 The object and the predicate noun both follow the verb, but their use is very different. In the pronoun, this difference in use is shown by a difference in form.

□ head of predicate verb phrase (syntax) id. subject noun phrase and predicate verb phrase (top-down).

This lesson looks at predicate nouns--a part of sentence structure in sentences that have a predicate that is a form of the verb "to be" or a linking verb.

to affirm or assert (something) of the subject of a proposition. to make (a term) the predicate of such a proposition. to connote; imply: His retraction predicates a change of attitude. verb (used without object), pred·i·cat·ed, pred·i·cat·ing.

Predicate noun

The verb in a sentence having a predicate nominative can always be replaced by the word equals . Source: Lesson 102 , and appositives An appositive is a word or group of words that identifies or renames the noun or pronoun that it follows.
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Predicate noun

The predicate noun deus further defines the subject and  The dependency type nsubj marks nominal subjects of a clause. Subjects are direct dependents of the main predicate of the clause, which may be a verb, noun or  of noun plural suffix: as a rule, neuter nouns take 0 or -n, while the plural suffix of Predicate. The predicate may be e.g.

□ head of predicate verb phrase (syntax) id. subject noun phrase and predicate verb phrase (top-down).
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av R Niu · 2017 · Citerat av 1 — in par-ticular, on the dependency analysis of the noun phrase that intervenes in which the intervening NP (NP2) is a de-pendent of the first predicate (P1), 

The lake is tranquil. Predicate Noun Displaying top 8 worksheets found for - Predicate Noun . Some of the worksheets for this concept are Predicate nominatives work, Chapter 13 the parts of a sentence predicate nominatives, Name date predicate adjectives teaching, Subjects predicates, Diagramming work name, Simple subjects and predicates, Predicate adjectives work, Direct objects indirect objects predicate nominatives.

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The noun agrees in gender and number with its predicate; as, månen är klar, 'the moon is bright;' hästarne voro feta, men oxarne magra, 'the 

Token(token,position). Succ(position,position). // -0.132592  The subject and predicate are the same, so "it" becomes "which". Sometimes a noun phrase can also function as an adjunct of the main clause predicate, thus  We Cover 100 chapter , with thousands Practice Test. Chapter we cover: The Parts of Speech,Kinds of Parts of Speech Various Parts Of Speech,Introduction to  When the subject of the sentence is equated to the noun in the predicate -- when they are defined as being the same thing with some variation  which can be an adjective or noun, including a noun marked by a preposition, as in the examples below.

Predicate noun (also known as predicate nominative) is a noun that completes or complements a linking verb and renames the subject of the verb. How predicate nouns behave are shown in this study, with example sentences.

3 : found, base —usually used with on the theory is predicated on recent findings. 4 : imply. Certain types of noun phrases cannot be the subject of a kind-level predicate. We have just seen that a proper name cannot be. Singular indefinite noun phrases are also banned from this environment: predicate verb [T] (STATE) to state that something is true: [ + that clause ] One cannot predicate that the disease is caused by a virus on the basis of current evidence. What is the abbreviation for Predicate Noun?

In the former case, a renaming noun phrase such as a noun or pronoun is called a predicative nominal.